Places to Eat:

Rafters on the Water - 20 minutes away

-Fantastic place to enjoy the lake views located in the same area as Sardis Lake Marina! Rent a boat, enjoy the bar area, and live music!

Como Steakhouse - 12 minutes away

-Always busy so we suggest getting there as soon as they open. People travel from all over Tennessee and Mississippi to eat here. The food is fantastic. This same area also has a oyster bar upstairs. 

HoneyBee Coffee Cupboard - 12 minutes away

-Local coffee house with fantastic pastry options. Please enjoy coming to this the morning after your stay with us and let them know you were at the Magnolia Estate Tiny house and you heard a free small coffee would be available for you!

El Mariachi - 12 minutes away

-Traditional Mexican Style cuisine. Two for one margaritas most days. We suggest the Happy fries!

Places to Go:

Magnolia Grove Monastery - 14 Minutes away

-Wonderful Buddhist Monastery  in the Plum Village Tradition in Batesville, Mississippi. 120 acre grounds beautiful to walk through with wonderful gardens. Founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, who was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Batesville Mounds - 11 Minutes away

Hiking area and historical American Indian Site

-Seven mounds were originally recorded at the Batesville site. Of these, two remain relatively intact and two others are much reduced but still visible. Pottery and other artifacts suggest that Native American people built the mounds during the Early to Middle Woodland Period (ca. AD 1-400)

Safari Animal Park - 20 Minutes Away

-Stunning 466 Acre authentic African Drive-Through and Walk Through Safari Park and Wild Animal Preserve. See up close ad personal, with Giraffe Feeding Station, Camel Rides, Lorikeet Feeding and a Children's Petting Safari.

Sardis Lake Beachfront - 20 Minutes Away

-Sardis lake has a hug array of activities. Go swimming, rent a boat at the marina, and enjoy the local food.